Monday, July 9, 2012

A Festive Fourth!

 Rick worked on the holiday this year, so the girls attended the parade without him, and Lucy was glad to see her Daddy when he got home!
 An impromptu cookout hosted by the Smith's!

 And Ellie and Caroline enjoyed painting with their 'Magic Paint'.
 Someone was not too happy to be stuck on the inside!
 The Nuspl family brought along some sparklers for entertainment.
 Caroline enjoyed the fun!
 I have no words for this one!
Happy, festive, sparkly, kids!  (Caroline started potty training in undies this week,and was so happy to be in underwear that it's all she wanted to wear all day. And she made sure that everyone knew she was in big girl underwear, too!  Even the dog was made aware of the announcement.)

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