Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surrounded By Love

 Well, Mom - we threw you quite a party!
 Complete with family,

 And everyone you love!
 We even made sure to serve Snickerdoodles in your honor!

And Cousin Adam & Heather brought their boys all the way from Iowa to surprise everyone - even their Mom.  All for you. It was a beautiful service - Leah sang, Tony played trumpet for you, and Rick and Matt shared their best Gaylee stories.  You would have laughed, cried, and spilled food on your front - just like always.  I think you loved every minute from your vantage point.  Now watch over Dad for us, okay?  We had a good time, but we're not ready to do this anytime again soon!
 Love you and miss you!  And we're still enjoying the snickerdoodles! -Laurie 

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