Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mashed Potato Bath?

Note to self: It is not necessarily a good idea to give a toddler mashed potatoes while talking on the phone about manicured nails.

Because she hears EVERYTHING, she'll soon begin to manicure her nails with the nearest 'polish.'

She'll take such pride in them, that you'll let her continue to play.

Until you realize it may be past the point of being cute, and she begins to wash herself in a potato bath.

Snack, anyone? We had mashed potatoes on her clothes, bib, fingers, hair, eyelashes, ears, nose, mouth, sippee cup, highchair seat, tray, me, Lucy, and pretty much any and every surface within twenty feet. I'm still finding remnants three days later. Ugh. At least they were tasty!

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