Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Melts my heart. Every. Time.

I love this little smirk. Wonder what she's thinking? Or about to do??

This is our "I'm done with this photo shoot" look.

Much more content here!

All stretched out on the quilt. This girl is definitely growing!

We may skip right over those three month clothes and head right to the sixers!

Everyone comments on how alert she is. It must be those pretty eyes!

A bit blurry, but had to put this one in there! Love those grins!

Taking a break to suck on her hand!

Watching big sis.

Double the chin= Double the fun, right?

Yep, I thought she'd agree!
Look at that full belly!
Just gorgeous!

We go to the doc tomorrow, so I'll update this post then with her current weight stats. She's a sweetie and has slept 7,8, and 9 hours in a row at night for the past three nights. Woo-Hoo!

UPDATE: Wow- big girl! Lucy weighs 12 lb, 4oz (90th %) and her length is 23 inches (75th %). All is well. We are planning her surgery for the end of June/beginning of July. We're waiting to hear a date from the nurse. She couldn't be sweeter! Her big sister (and mommy) had a tough time hearing Lucy cry at the Dr. office, and followed the doc around like a little shadow! Too cute.

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