Sunday, June 26, 2011


Three months already & getting stronger by the day!

Too sweet!

All smiles- see that dimple?

Still a good mix of the Smith & Ward genes, but definitely channeling her Aunt Jill more and more.

Watching big sis intently.

Oh those big eyes!

And those strong chubby legs!

We call her Lucy Bug, Love Bug, Lady Bug, Bugaboo, BooBoo bear,or just Bug or Boo.

She has become quite animated in the past two weeks & is definitely full of life!

Couldn't be sweeter!

We have a big week ahead with our li'l LoveBug, but we know the outcome is worth it. She continues to sleep through the night & is a sweetheart. Caroline loves on her daily & Mommy enjoys every little snuggle. These three months have flown by. We love you, Lucy Bug!

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