Monday, April 15, 2013

Science Experiment and another Birthday surprise

So I failed to mention that on the day of the birthday party there was a snowstorm predicted for our area.  We got about 8 inches out of the deal - but no snow day for me.  When we got home from school that day, Caroline wanted to know what happened to snow.  So we brought some inside to see if it would melt.  It took it a lot longer to melt than I thought - but it was fun to taste and play with for awhile.

And, Lucy was all smiles as our birthday girl - the sitter had given her a new baby doll for her birthday.  All the kids sang and helped her celebrate.  It was too cute.
 I think she likes it!
 As does someone else!  Thanks, Nikki, for our baby "Rosie".  It was a hit!

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