Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Lucy!

 It was a whirlwind of a birthday party, but a pretty important one!

 Sigh.  I can't believe I don't have a one-yr-old anymore. 
 But this little girl sure looked cute in her pink today - and she LOVED being the center of attention.

 She'd been eyeing her wrapped present for a few weeks, and would look at it and say "My birthday". 
 Well the day is finally here, Lucy!  You're the cutest two year old we know!
 You and Caroline had a ball with your cousins.

 And with your Papa, too!

 Your favorite time - was PESENTS!...said with no "r"

 I had to capture this shot - because your tights kept creeping down and showing your diaper.  We eventually gave up and just let your legs hang out!
 A new ladybug backpack for our Lucy bug!
 And an Elmo who sleeps with you every night!

 What a fun day - time for the cake!
 You had help, but you knew just what to do!

 Dive right in, girl!

It was a great day for our great little girl!  When Caroline and I woke Lucy the next day- her real birthday- we sang to her.  Lucy jumped up in her bed and said "Pesents!".  I guess she had a good time!  Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Little Lucy Bug.  You are loved like no other.

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