Saturday, August 27, 2011


It seems like yesterday...has it really been five months?

I love how she's focusing on her big sister here. Too bad her Mommy had a brain lapse and had a 6 month sticker on her belly! Oops..time to redo!

How about a 'high five' for 5 months?

Giving Mom that tongue...already she knows how to be goofy for the camera!

Hello, bright eyes!

There's our pretty girl! Looking a bit tired here, but still so precious!

What a healthy, happy girl you are! You are a great eater and a great sleeper! You get around 11 hours at night, and take 3 naps during the day!

The thighs in this photo prove just how healthy you are!

Love this drooly face! What a sweet smile!

You still spit up a lot - Mommy decided you are "Lucy-bug, the Juicy-bug!" But you LOVE your pears baby food. It seems to be your favorite, just like big sister.

You explore your world daily- always reaching and grabbing your toys and blankets. Yesterday you even held your bottle on your own when Daddy was feeding you. Silly girl, you need to make Daddy work harder than that!

Sorry for the slew of photos- Mommy took a photography class and was practicing her new technique!

A bit overexposed but still irresistable!

Is someone tired of this photo shoot already? I love the rolls on her elbow! You can see that her scar on the front is healing nicely..and already covered in hair.

Gee, Mom? Can't you see that I'm tired? Now I've rubbed my eyes and turned them red! Can we please be done?

But with cuteness like this, it's hard to put that camera down!

Don't you agree?

Bring on the ornery!



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