Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot Wheels

I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but I think Rick should avoid taking my van for oil changes at car dealerships from now on.
 Apparently he decided it was time for a little upgrade for himself.
I can't blame him- he inherited my hand-me-down when I got the van two years ago.  So, this should make him pretty happy!  Brand new, loaded with some fun extras, and now we can ride in style when we go on a date...and all for the same monthly payment!  Now why didn't I take these pics while it was OUT of the garage??? 
And equally important in our car upgrade news...was that Lucy's seat is now front facing!  Don't call the car seat police on us-we know it's now recommended they stay rear facing til age 2, but really, people??  Have you met Lucy?  She's been whining about not being able to see the DVD screen and has been throwing fits.  And, she weighs nearly as much as her big sis, and is definitely just as strong, we are!   She kicked with glee for the first ten minutes of our commute the next morning - I think she likes it!

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