Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Tampa Zoo!

So we renewed our Columbus Zoo membership prior to leaving Ohio - just so we could enjoy some of the scenic sites on our trip!  We LOVED this zoo.  Absolutely my favorite zoo ever.  It was so nice to see the animals up close and I felt like it was easy to get around the place.  The girls loved it too!  Definitely a must-do on our next trip south.  

The carousel was a hit - we had to go twice around at the start of our trip, and twice again later on!  Lucy kept asking for the 'horsey' ride!

Zebras!  The Columbus zoo has moved its zebras and giraffes to the Wilds, so it was a special treat to see them here.  I was giddy!

Up close!
We could feed the giraffes here - how awesome is that?

Elephant family!  This baby was only two months old. 

The penguins were fun to watch.  It was like they knew that they should put on a show for us.

Look, Ma!  No hands!

 Someone posing as a Monkey on display!  Fitting!
 Loving on the sculpture

 Um, not so sure about the actual one on display!
 And a final stop at the gift shop - for a giraffe, and zebra of course!

 Zonked out enroute home - this didn't take long!
It was a great day!  Zzzzzzzzz

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