Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fun with the Georgia clan!

 Here's Kamden - in his pirate attire - perfect for Easter Sunday, don't you think?
 The girls had a ball playing with someone their own size.
 And Caroline took to Keili immediately.  She kept asking for her.

 This car sure was a hit.  Kam can drive that thing better than I could!
 Sigh.  This picture ages me.  Jump forward 14 years, and she's off to the prom!
 She had a ball!

 After a few spins around the culdesac, she decided she should drive.  Um,
 Bubbles were more our speed!
Or how about a chance to shoot a nerf gun at the ceiling?  Boy toys are FUN!
 Lucy wanted in the car too!  These two managed better when it was in park!
And Lucy decided to mow the grass.  Um, good thing it's not in need of a mowing, cuz I'm pretty sure it isn't going to get mowed like that.  What a fun day!

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