Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Language Lesson

Just in case you were wondering, I thought I'd translate for you the latest Toddler Speak in the Smith household. 
The Urban Dictionary of Lucy-
Bonkie - Blankie - Lucy's most important prized possession
Yuh -you - I love you
Pill-yough- Playdough - Still can't get used to this one.  I look for the pillow every. time.
Keenduhl - Kindle
Kay yine - Caroline
Oh Kigh - Okay
Oh Goomesh - Oh My Goodness
Fick It - Fix it
Boke it - Broke it
Gup - Get up - as in, Daddy Gup!
Time Ooot - Time out
Showyah - Shower
Mulk - Milk
Pazzi - Pizza
Nakey- Naked
Teelly - Tilly
Bawking - Barking
YouSee - Lucy
Goggy - Doggy - usually heard with the word "bad" in front of it..."Bad Goggy, Teelly"
Doorduh- Dora, as in, the Explorer
Ruh Roh - Uh Oh
Jaff - Giraffe
The Urban Dictionary of Caroline-
Swandwich - Sandwich
Printpaw - Pawprint
Seatcart - Carseat
Bo nay dough - Tomato
Pazzi - Pizza
What her doing? - What is she doing?
Where we are? - Where are we?
Peanuts -That's what boy's have ( I did NOT teach her this one.) 
And there you have it - the latest and greatest of Lucy and C-Speak.  I'll have to do another update in a few months.  I'm pretty sure Lucy is from Boston, where Goggies can be heard bawking, and where you lay down to go nigh nigh with your Bonkie and say YuhYou. 

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