Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Improvement

So here's a little glimpse from before...

And despite Rick thinking that it was dirt on my feet...I have my first flip flop tan of the summer...we spent 3 days outside hauling dirt and planting.  But it was lots of fun and looks great.
We moved the evergreens together, purchased a lilac and a Japanese maple tree.  
The grasses here will be moved later to hide electric boxes.
And 13 cans of Heritage Red Spray Paint later.... 

My patio set and baker's rack look brand new!

 Since we had a lot of dirt we decided to connect the beds from front to back.  Note the lovely grass...that's a whole other story!  Does it appear that we've paid for lawn service the last 3 years?  Well, we have...grrr.
 Here's the new maple tree in all her glory!  I love it!

 And this little eyesore is about to get a facelift also..we were just too tired to deal with that this weekend.  We have a date to get it planted with our neighbors help soon.   That's their home in the background.  It sits between our front lawns.  

 Add some mulch, and voila!
 Looking good in the hood!

 And the turtle was my mother's day gift from the girls.  I love it!

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