Monday, July 22, 2013


 My favorite musical, by far!  This time it was an extra special treat - we got to take Dad!  I knew the first time I saw it that he would love it.  He's been so weak and down lately, it was the perfect boost for him!  It was a great day out - and- as we were exiting and waiting for Rick to bring the car around, many of the stars were leaving.  Here's Kim Zimmer from TV's Guiding Light!  She was awesome in this show!  And she was a great sport to stop and pose for me. 
 Here's Dad with Glinda  - the star of the show.  Her voice was amazing. 
 John Davidson (the Wizard) stops to sign autographs.
 Our seats were in row 7 - what a treat!
Love this man!  So glad we got to spend the day with you! 

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