Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Fun with our Preschooler

This one falls in the category of "Yes, I dressed myself."  And boy, is she working it!
Here we are working on our "snowman project". 
And to make it even more fun, we did it on Mommy's snow day, as the snow was falling!
And this is what happens when Lucy tries to help.
As you can see, climbing on the table was her preferred method of  'assisting'.

And I snapped this pic of Caroline's work at school.  It's a picture of her family, with everyone identified.  (Lucy is 2, I am 4), and then the questions are:  Why are you thankful for your family?  (They cook our food.)  And If you could do anything for your family, what would you do?  (Buy them a house full of ice cream.)  Now that's my girl!

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