Saturday, June 23, 2012

One final Splash!

 Is this not the cutest. thing. ever???
 That's pretty much what we saw the entire time we were there.
 Lucy toddling around, heading for water, and FEARLESS.
 Look how she has her hands up reaching for that water. She was the smallest one there, and absolutely had the most fun.
 Caroline had fun too, but took breaks every two minutes to dry off, only to run right back out again.
 Loving. Every. Minute.
 Here Lucy was sitting right on top of the water spout and laughing as it came squirting up at her.
 That can't be my kid.  I like water...but not in my face.  Now you know why we visited a lot of Splash pads. It is so fun to see them enjoying life.  We had a great vacation, even if only for a few days and the girls were great troupers the entire time.  We are blessed.
Oh yeah...and I'm ending our trip with a mean Mommy award.  I took them into the watch.  Yep...didn't get to ride it this year, but I left my money in the car at the top of the hill, and we were wiped out and ready to head home anyway.  Next time girls, I promise!   So long, St. Joe!

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