Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Preschool Graduation

 It can't be true!  Where does the time go?
 Caroline had an amazing year with Ms. Frisch.
 Here she is sliding into Pre K!
 Happy to have her notebook with memories of the year.  
 She's just a little excited here..but maybe that's because there's an ice cream party waiting on us!
 And here she is all smiles for Miss Frisch!

 And we can't forget Mrs. Janice.  What a blessing to have such great loving teachers this year!

It's official!  Next year we'll be doing Pre-K, and then Kindergarten after that!  Time flies.  I can't believe Lucy will be in Preschool next year too!  Guess we'd better get to work on that potty training thing!  Thanks for a great year, Trinity!  We love that our girls will have such a loving environment next year.  

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