Saturday, August 30, 2014

St. Joe Fun

 First stop - the carousel!

 We were really bummed the splash pad was under construction, so we headed to the carousel to have some family fun.
 Then we waited - a LONG time - for Silver Beach pizza.  But it's the best!  
 Luckily they had some things to entertain us outside.

 We pretended the splash pad had water..and looked at the drains.

 Next stop - downtown St. Joe to take in the artsy lighthouses and some shopping.

The girls loved the detail on this Rapunzel tower.

 The toy store was a hit, of course!
Hannah shows off her new hat. 
We had a great time at St. Joe even without the Splash Pad.  It's such a fun town and it was fun to spend some time poking around.  I think Hannah enjoyed her first day too!

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