Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here's a look at our fun reverse!
Hunting for eggs was great fun!Looks like Hannah found a chick in her egg!
Will decided to hide from the camera..or just hide his candy!
Gotcha! Too slow for the camera in removing those ears, Rick! And I had to post it only because you were adamant that you not be caught in these on the internet.
Because we all looked like Easter Eggs, we had to pose for an Eggs-cellent photo!
Here's somebunny cute!
Just soakin' it all in!
Mommy's favorite picture of the day!
And, the egg, like everything...goes into the mouth!
Well, wouldn't you grab the candy out first if it were your basket?
The Hallelujah Chorus at church seems to have rocked someone to sleep!
Leah and Hannah all dressed up for Easter morning!
And another favorite pic- Daddy giving Caroline raspberries. She had a great day. It was fun -filled and action packed. Caroline was short on naps and fell asleep mid-bottle tonight. She's wiped out from her day- and so are we! Happy Easter, everyone!

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