Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here's our sweet little girl - I can't believe it's been four months already!

Peaks of red hair poking through, and check out that double chin!

Love this dazed expression!

And oh-so-full of smiles these days!

Just one dimple, but it's a cutie!

I love how she grabs her hands and folds them up.

Giggling at Mommy!

Just precious.

Perhaps not so precious, but I had to capture those thighs. Oh. my.

Practicing her prayers again.

Growing like crazy- into those 6 month clothes and going for the sz 2 diapers.

But just as charming as ever!

She's had the helmet two weeks now, and already we can see a difference. No more ridge on top, and more rounding out.

Lucy is babbling, drooling, giggling, grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth, smiling at her sister, watching television and following pretty much any moving object with her eyes. I'm anxious to see what she weighs when we go to the pedi on Thursday. She's definitely a strong girl- I can't believe how well she holds that head up, helmet and all. For a peek at Caroline's four month photos, click here. I think Lucy is favoring her sister more and more, and she gets prettier every day. What fun we have, and how blessed we are!

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