Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tutu Fun!

This girly session was tons of fun. We may have to do this again since we had such a good time.

My friend Kelly loaned me the oh-so-girly quilt last week for the party, and cousin Lin had sent us the girly garb, so today we put them all to use.

As you can tell, Lucy is really into this...or perhaps more into those teeth that are sprouting up in her mouth this week. Caroline is very much into the feathers, not so much into cooperating.

I just love this one. Lucy sitting in piles of feathers and tulle while Caroline roams around in the background.

Now that's a bit more like it.

I'm still working on adjusting those camera settings. Maybe once I get them figured out we'll do this photo shoot again.

Time for some girly fun.

Ta da!

Now Caroline only wants to smack her sister in the head with feathers. Well, at least they're only feathers, Lucy.

Baby love.

So silly.

Well you try to get two moving subjects perfectly still and looking at the camera at the same time and happy!

I love how Lucy just deals with it...she just lets it roll.

Little Miss Personality

Well, at least they're both still and looking at me now.

Sometimes it's easiest just to focus on one at a time!

Caroline's back...she is insisting on laying back down next to Lucy again.

And we still had some fun after we got dressed in our clothes.

Peek a boo!

Fun with feathers!

Another one of my faves. Lucy just relaxes and lets her big sis do her thing.

Tu-tu fun!

Love this one too. Well maybe there are some good shots here after all.

Either way, it was tons of fun.

Caroline is still saying "feathers" and "fun" to me.

Thanks, Lin. It was a hit for sure!

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