Wednesday, September 26, 2012

18 Months!

In honor of our 18 month old, I am keeping with tradition and sharing 18 things I love about you, Lucy:

1.  Your giggle.  It is absolutely infectious.  It is the biggest, heartiest giggle I know.
2.  Your dimple.  What can I say?  You take after Mommy with that cute smile, and having dimples is something I loved as a kid, so I'm thrilled that you have at least one!
3.  Your vocabulary.  I love how some days we have no idea what you're trying to tell us, and other days you will spit out words like "hot dog", or "crock pot", or "Super Why" as clear as a bell.
4.  Your love for books.  You are perfectly content sitting with a basket of books and reading them one by one.
5.  Your love for animal sounds.  You know them all without fail, and you will rattle them off like clockwork -woof woof, mow (meow, always said with a head tilt!), cack cack (quack), baa, moo, oink oink.
6.  Your love of sleep.  You will happily go down at night and sleep entirely through til morning when we wake you.  You sometimes still cry after you go down-it's just kind of your thing, but you can sleep like no other. 
7.  When your big sis gets a timeout, you always want to sit with her.  Sometimes you even beat her to her timeout spot on the rug because you know what she's supposed to do, and you just go there and sit and wait for her.
8.  Your love of food.  Oh. my.  You inhale, my dear.  Even Caroline knows to tell you not to "stuff it in."  Food is no match for you and at 18 months you're already 2 pounds heavier than your almost 3 year old counterpart!  Oh, and you snitch.  No matter if you're hungry or not, you will grab any remnants within reach off the table and help yourself!  We have to keep everything pushed back out of reach or it's free game!
9.  You climb.  High.  And you are fearless.  It's probably not my favorite quality, but it definitely is a big part of you right now!
10.  You love your animals.  Every time we get you from the crib you want to bring your toys with you.  You point to it and insist it comes along for the ride downstairs with you. 
11.  You think every time the phone rings that it's your Papa.  Even if you find something that resembles a phone, you'll put it to your ear and say Papa as if your'e talking to him. 
12.  You love your Daddy.  Every time he walks into the room you do a little happy dance and shout Dada.  It melts my heart every time.  And speaking of dancing - you wiggle side to side if you hear any music, and sometimes even when you don't!  You're a natural.
13.  You're smart.  You understand what we're saying most of the time.  When we tell you to put toys away, you immediately start cleaning up.  Gee, your big sis could take a lesson from you here!  If you see someone with their eyes closed, you will go shh shh with your finger at your mouth, and you will say bye bye when you know it's time to leave.
14.  If you find an empty lap, you'll hop on in and sit for a spell - usually with a book in tow.
15.  Your tummy. You love to pull up your clothes and pat it when we ask where your tummy is, and then you go around to everyone else and try to pull up their clothes to find their tummies too! And when you play on the floor you like to lay on your tummy. And in your crib, you prefer to sleep on your tummy. As round and cute as it is, it must be pretty comfy to lay on!
16. You love bathtime.  If I even mention the word, you pat your tummy, say "baff", and head upstairs. 
17.  Flirty eyes.  You have learned this one with perfection.  You put your entire chin down and look up and bat those baby blues.  You usually give us the cheesy face immediately before or after.  I guess we usually request them both, so you just naturally go ahead and do them together. 
18.  You are strong and determined, and you have incredible balance. I know there will be times we battle because of this, but I think it will get you pretty far in life. You don't let much get by you. Once you set your mind on something, you tackle it. I also think it helped you and I both get through your surgery at 3 months. I knew what a fighter you were - and look at you today. Wow. What a shining example of a girl who can do it all. We love you Lucy Bug. You brighten our world each day and what a gift you are to us. Happy 18 months. I can't believe you've grown so quickly.  You can slow down any time now.  Really, it's okay.  Take your time with this growing thing, Lucy.  Got it?? 


So I cheated a little and combined some of my list so it would all fit in 18 lines, but what can I say?  There's just so much I love about this little sunshine it's hard to put a limit on it! 

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