Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heaven is a whole lot sweeter

I'm pretty sure that my mom and Rick's mom are exchanging some pretty funny stories right about now.  They never got to meet in real life, so they have plenty to catch up on.  We are blessed that both of them are no longer suffering on earth, and we are blessed that they were incredible mothers.  And their legacy lives on in those two beautiful babies of ours.  I know how proud they are of the family we have and I am blessed to have known them, for even a short time.

It's not a fun thing to tell a parent goodbye, especially when you're doing it twice in such a short time span.  But, we have our memories to cherish and to share with our girls, so that they get to know what great women have left us behind.   Carol Smith was a beautiful lady in every sense of the word, and there's no doubt in my mind that heaven is a prettier place today because of her. 

In time, I'm hoping Rick will be able to add his memories here so our girls can look back at them and learn about their Grandma as the loving and devoted person she was.  And Lori wrote the most beautiful poem - I want to add it to this page too.  She has a gift for the written word.  What a beautiful tribute she wrote to Carol today.  For now, farewell Carol.  We will see you again someday.  Just know how very much you are loved and missed by your family.  Wishing life had treated us all differently, but know that your beauty remains in all who love you here.    Give mom an extra hug for me - and let her know we think of her daily too - and while you're at it, tell her thanks.  She told me she liked my new artwork in the front room, and that she approved. And even though the cool crisp air of fall is outside, I think I need a bowl of ice cream right about now - just for you! 

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