Friday, October 19, 2012

The Big Birthday Bash!

 Three - that's me!
 Just look at all those presents!
 It wouldn't be birthday fun without family!
Cousins Leah and Hannah get Caroline in a party mood by dancing for us!
 So Caroline and Lucy put their moves to test next!
 Cake time!

 She loved it when we sang to her - she just lit up!
 It must taste good, too!
 A new baby!
 Caroline tests her out right away wtih a big hug!
 Ooh, and a horse shaped purse, too!
 Books are always a hit.
 And a keyboard!  That will be fun to dance to!
 I think this little present might be my favorite!
And here she is ready to go - baby dressed, horse purse, and a packed diaper bag for baby!  It was a great time to celebrate our favorite three year old! 

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