Saturday, October 20, 2012

To the Pumpkin Patch! (minus one pumpkin!)

 We thought it was going to be the perfect day to visit the Pumpkin Farm as a family.
 I was all set - the girls in matching outfits, camera ready, perfect Christmas card photo op, right?
 3 miles away from our destination, Lucy puked all over the back of the van. 
 What is a parent to do?  Caroline is sitting there asking if we're there yet, and Lucy is a mess - and now without clothing!
 So, we decided to tag team.  Rick and Lucy got 'car duty' while Caroline and Mommy headed for the farm!
 Daddy was ok sitting and listening to the ball game, while Lucy napped curled up in a blanket, and Caroline and I made a mad dash of exploring the farm.  The slide in the hay tent was great fun - especially since she had it all to herself!
 And a sandbox filled with corn and hay was also a hit.
 Feeling badly for her sister, she picked out a pumpkin for Lucy.

 And took on the barrel ride solo!
 I was surprised she wasn't scared in this as they pulled away - but she returned all smiles!
 And the bounce house was tons of fun!  We lost the hair bow somewhere in here, but it was so fun she returned with her Daddy for a second round.
 This was her first bounce adventure.  She said "Mommy, I keep falling down."  Then when I told her to jump, she realized this wasn't so bad after all!
Yep, I think she liked it.

We loved this little country farm. It was the perfect size for us and we definitely want to return.  I'm still itching for a family hayride, and perhaps a few holiday photos - Caroline does look rather lonely here! Lehner Farms, I guess we'll see you again soon!  It was a great fall day, despite the van cleaning and laundry sanitizing we had to do.

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