Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easter Morning!

 The Bunny was here!  
 Caroline woke me bright and early to tell me to come downstairs because the Easter Bunny had left eggs all over our house!
 She also shared that the cat was in the garage - she apparently opened the door to the garage looking for Easter Baskets.  Lucy was afraid and didn't want the E.B. to come to her house.  Mommy was going to write a note to tell the E.B. to leave the goodies in the garage or on the porch...but this Mommy forgot to write a note.  
 I guess it's a good thing that Lucy forgot all about her fear.  She was too excited to hunt for those eggs!

 So excited to find the chocolate bunny!
 New beachy cover-ups are fun to model!
It was a fun morning indeed!  We are blessed!

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