Friday, May 9, 2014


 We decided to celebrate 3 in style - at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  Ole!

 And we started our day with a birthday donut cake!
 Nikki, our babysitter, gave Lucy a new Barbie!  It was a hit!
 As you can see here..she's not too interested in sharing!

 She loved her new doggie guitar from Mommy and Daddy!
 And our too sweet neighbor spoiled Lucy with a new cd player and music cd's!
 Can you believe it?  3?  Where does the time go?

 She loves her new "Jingle" kitty from Aunt Jill!
 Caroline got presents too!  How fun!
 And the celebrating just keeps continuing...Dinner at Benny's with Papa Smith!
I think this 3 year old must feel special after all this celebrating!  I'm so worn out it took me til May to post it on the blog!  Sweet little Lucy, you are mighty stubborn in your ways at age 3, but there is certainly never a dull moment!  You are headstrong, and body strong and you light up our world in ways we never imagined!  You stomp that foot and show your strong will and fight for your voice with your big sister!  I love how instead of  "yes I am" you always say "Yes I man", and you call Jingle "Dingle".  You LOVE that kitty to pieces..and sometimes she fights back and nips at you - but you just keep going!  You don't ever let it stop you!  I wish you were a little less stubborn at bedtime.  You almost always get back out of bed and turn your light on.  We've found you on the floor, under your bed and in your bed in the morning - silly girl!  I guess you like to travel at night.  The baby gate and the toddler door knob covers are no match for you!  You have a deep love for fruit snacks, yogurt, Peppa Pig, and Bubble Guppies.  You love the movie "Frozen" that Papa Smith bought you and you and your sister do a pretty fine job singing the songs, too!  It's your first choice for what to watch.  And in perfect little sister fashion, you always want to do exactly what your sister does.  If she's asks for a special cup, or certain snack, you always follow suit!  You love her so much, and in fact, you love everybody!  You always go around and give hugs, which are more like just head leaning, to everyone you meet.  What a happy, stubborn, wonderful joyful girl you are!  Happy, Happy 3rd birthday Lucy bug!  You told me when you grow up you want to be a ladybug!  Guess what?  Me too!  :)  We love you sweetie!- Mommy

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