Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Look at that sweet little hand resting on your knee.

Sleeping so peacefully - snoring actually.


Looking out at the rain.

A nice stretch.

At one month you are a sweetie. You eat about every five hours and sleep in between.

Lovin' those long fingers and toes!Mommy disturbs your rest but you're used to Caroline doing that!

Sweet dreams! You snore like Daddy and prefer to lay on your tummy with your hands under your head. You hate the pacifier, you take almost two hours to eat, you can burp & pass gas with the best of them. You squeak in your sleep & when you are mad the whole house knows it! You've got some lungs, girl! You dribble down your chin with every bottle, you now like your bath, and you turn to hear Mommy's voice. You put up with all those 'love pats' from your big sis with grace, and most of all, you are loved! I still can't believe it's been a month...my baby is growing!

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