Monday, April 25, 2011

Stats Update/Life Updates

Both girls had dr. checkups today- Caroline at 18 months, and Lucy at 1 month! I can't believe she's already a month old, but boy is she growing!

Lucy is doing great reaching her one month milestones and weighs a whopping 9 lb 12 oz! Wowzers! She's also growing like a weed adding 2.5 inches in length! She's now 22.25 inches long and is in the 70th percentile.

I'll be posting her one month pics soon- I promise!

Caroline weighs 24 lbs, 6oz. and is 32 inches in length. She checks in at the 50-60th percentile. I had to laugh when the doctor asked me if she could say between 4 and 10 words. I wrote them down today because I was curious how many words she did know. At last count her vocabulary is over 60 words and growing. She is such a sponge and mimics everything we say. Some of the latest additions are Lucy (Who-see/ Soo-see), high-five, be right back, green bean, pizza (pazzi), crackers (tackers), doodle-doo, and blueberries (boo-bees). She continues to charm everyone she meets, is incredibly ornery and quite the flirt!..and I'm sure we'll be initiating the 'time-out' VERY soon!

For those of you wondering about our decision regarding Lucy's surgery we are pretty sure we're going to go with the less invasive surgery. We've done some research and seen some before/after photos and feel that this is most likely the best route for our girl. We still have some time before we schedule the surgery and in the meantime, we're staying positive and looking forward to a good outcome for our sweetie.

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