Monday, February 20, 2012

Buggy Love

With the big one year mark approaching next month, it was time for a little pre-birthday buggy photo shoot!

And even though she doesn't stay in one place for long, I managed to get a few cute shots.

What a ham. Could she be taking after that sister of hers?

She was too fascinated by the ladybug in the bucket!

And definitely on the go! She gave Mommy quite a workout.

Yes, I'm still here.



You lookin' at me?

Putting on a show!

Not half bad considering how this girl was on the go the entire time. I'll have to post the outtakes so you can get a feel for how it really went! This girl is 11 months old this week. Yikes! It will be a sad day when we have our final photo shoot of the first year. We'll be moving on up to bigger and better things. Sigh. They. grow. too. fast.

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