Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buggy Photo Shoot - The Outtakes

Hey, Mommy - What are these ruffly things on my legs?

And what is this spotted thing on my tummy?

Hey, there's something peeking out of my bucket!

Soooooo big!

You talkin' to me?

I think I'll just eat this hair bow now.

Let me show off my crawling skills!

Lady, I'm soooo done with this camera stuff.

That's okay - I'll just shoot pics of you sitting on your feet!

Time for a stretch.

Well of course she got in on the action, too! After she demanded a ladybug hair bow of her very own.

Lucy crawls up on Caroline for some giggle time.

And Caroline thinks photo shoots should include the feather boas. there's just a few hundred feathers left in her wake that I need to clean.

Ooh la la.

Hey, wasn't this a photo shoot about ME??? There you have it, the outtakes- very entertaining, aren't they? Now you know why I was sweating when we were done. That, my friends, is a workout.

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