Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Double Splash!

We've graduated to a double dip at bath time!

And these two have literally giggled at each other for the first ten minutes of bath each time.

Could they be any sillier?

I had to convince Caroline that bath time wasn't necessarily a good time to torture Lucy.

I guess peek-a-boo is equally fun when you play along too.

Here's our "sooo big" girl, in her big girl bath seat! Bathing two is somewhat easier in our one stop shop now, but then we have the added challenge of two wet kids at the same time, which can make life just a little crazier. For now, I'm glad to have the kitchen sink back, and all the dirty clothes on one floor. And who knew they'd be having this much fun?

Hmmm...look who I caught trying out the tub seat while I put little sis in her pj's tonight! What a goof! Splish, splash, fun.

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