Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exploring more St. Joe!

 All cheesy for the camera - but a fun ride on the carousel - a must if you're at Silver Beach

 We found the corn dog statue again - outside of Silver Beach Pizza.  Oh my.  How have we missed this pizza joint?  A MUST DO!  We'll definitely be back!  It was delish!
We had to stop and pose outside at their superhero photo booth!  Fun!

 The train station is next door so we even saw a few trains pass by.  It's just an hour ride to Chicago.  Maybe someday we'll be adventurous enough to try that with the girls!
 And check out this bear we found inside the ice cream shop! 
 Uptown St. Joe was filled with all kinds of transportation statues, so Caroline and I decided to test out a few.  Lucy was sound asleep in the van - we wore her out at the beach I guess!

 And we found a large St. Bernard named "S'mores".  We became instant friends!
Another fun day around town!

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