Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Cell Phone Pics

Here's Lucy - concentrating on that tv show on the phone. 
And playing on the swing set!

I can't tell you how many pics I have like this on my phone.  Someone is definitely into taking 'selfies' these days!  Most of them are quite hilarious!
Here's what bloomed on August 4th - one year after Mom's passing - the hydrangea Dad and I picked out in her memory.  Very cool find.
Caroline enjoyed going to VBS at Trinity this year - here she's performing songs at church.
A random hot air balloon overhead one day...
Matching shoes for the girls!
Caroline drew a picture of me. 
And someone fell asleep on the steps to the basement - after sneaking down to try to watch the movie with Mom and Dad!
A potty hat?
Silly times!
Scary skies!
A random photo of the toy box...taken by little ones!
New shoes???  or Tupperware?
And a pic also taken by little girls...of one tired mom! 

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