Sunday, October 27, 2013


 I can't believe four years ago we were awaiting your arrival on this blog.  Wow.  Time flies.
 It was a fun afternoon to celebrate YOU!
 Lucy got in on the fun!
 And cousin Will came adorned with his own party hat!

 Gee, I think you like your new Cinderella and Prince Charming Barbies!
 And your new "Butterscotch" dog gets equal billing!  
 Yes, I think you are quite the happy girl!
 Lucy looks like she likes Butterscotch, too!
 Love this - I think you like being sung to!

What a fun day it was for you, sweet Caroline.  I love this age.  I love how excited you are to go to Preschool - you even play 'Miss Frisch' at home.  I love how much you adore your sister.  You say she's your best friend.  Let's hope it always stays that way.  You two can dish it out together, but for the most part, you LOVE one another.  You're so fun right now, sharing new things you've been learning, singing us new songs, praying with us, and you're always happy to work on your letters and cutting.  You still have some fun things that you say a bit backwards - you call the hospital the hostabul.  And if I can't understand Lucy, I just ask you and you always know what she's saying.  You love going to the sitter's (Nikki's) and you told me today that "being four feels bigger."  You're right, Caroline.  It sure does.  I am amazed daily about how much you know, remember, and can do own your own right now.  Stop it.  Stop growing up!  It feels like overnight you figured out how to color in the lines, how to wash your hands by yourself, how to put on your shoes, how to master everything electronic in the house, and how to dress your self, and how to gracefully give up your nap.(sigh)  I am so proud of the young lady you're becoming.  I love how you still offer hugs and kisses to everyone - even if you've only just met them.  You are just so sweet at this age - could time please just stand still?  Please?  Happy Birthday - to my favorite four year old in the world!  We love you!

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