Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Random Cell phone pics

Here's Lucy modeling her pony tail - and apparently giving us a cheesy grin while standing in the door to the fridge.

Can you see the stubborn determination coming through in these pics?  Yep, that's Lucy!
She really was quite over the whole "pictures of my ponytail" idea and was more about getting into things.
And how about this?  Two too-tired girls after a long day at church!

Here's the stubborn one again- helping me load groceries in to the van....she was supposed to be getting in her car seat - but she much prefers hiding in the back where mommy can't get to her.  Grrrr...
But she and her big sister can sure snuggle!

Don't you plop down at the end of your driveway and eat popcorn, too?
Or get into Daddy's closet and steal hats and shoes?
And finally - a little fun at a football game!  We had to go hear Daddy do the announcing at his alma mater- and look who the opponent was!  Cousins cheering on Dublin!  The cheerleaders sure were a hit with these two!  I think they look like two sets of twins - born 14 years apart!  :)  It was fun to see family from the sidelines!

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