Sunday, October 19, 2014

Farewell Lake MI

It's our last morning - and we're loaded up and ready for some fun!
Final morning snuggles for Hannah!
Back to the city beach - time to fly a kite!

We will miss this clear water!
Happy to be on vacation one final day!

Water temp was around 69 - but these two were fearless.  It was a gorgeous weekend for it.

This was pretty much how our entire vacation went!
Ready for some travel now that lunch is done and we've beached all morning.

Dinner pit stop - in Ft. Wayne to see friends Laura, Greg, and Kyle Maser.
We were best buds all through school - so great to catch up for a bit.
And the kids enjoyed having the chance to stretch their legs and run around for a bit.

Kyle was quite the entertainer!  And we loved visiting over our pizza.  It's a nice little stretch break on our way home from Michigan - wish it happened more often.  But, alas, goodbye for now -dear friends and dear times in our little weekend getaway!

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