Friday, October 24, 2014

Silly Snapshots of Summer!

Caroline worked hard to earn a new Barbie this summer - and she did it!  Good job using listening and using your words.  Keep it up, kiddo!
And here she is showing off that new purchase!
Time for evening snuggles with Daddy!
Practicing beauty shop on each other!
Making an outside patio fort!

Dress up?  On our heads?
More silly head gear.
and yet again....zzzzz.....
Do you think you have enough floaties to hold you up, Caroline?  Good thing you have those water wings!
More Zzzzz....
Etch a Sketch art!   Spongebob, and um....a Picasso!
Silly girls!
Another HUGE accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dry panties for ten days = a new puppy toy!
Strike a pose!
Bed head!
Don't let the cat out of the bag!
My chalk Picassos!
Getting our ducks in a row!
I don't like my dinner...
But Mommy still makes me laugh!
You can't be serious that I have to eat this!
It's okay, Mommy. take my picture...I like my dinner!

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