Friday, October 24, 2014

Scioto Mile

Since the splash park in Michigan was closed, we decided we needed a trip to the Splash pad in Columbus!  A day trip to the Scioto Mile was born!  Cousins joined us and we had tons of fun!

Lucy had a ball, as always!  This girl is fearless!

Ellie had fun just standing in the water sprays!

The big cousins put the little ones in the beach towels and made them into swings.  I can hear the giggles from here.
Caroline preferred backing up to the water sprays!  

The mist was cool when the wind would blow, but we managed just fine!

Everybody JUMP!

Dance break!
What a great day!

It's fun just to see Lucy sit on the water, roll around, and have a ball!
I had fun trying to capture the water sprays on the camera.
And here we are just moments after dropping Leah and Hannah off at home....  we were kind of worn out from all the fun!  Loved our visit - can't wait to go back next year!

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