Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Girl Bedrooms!

We're movin' on up!

Lucy couldn't be happier to be in her new digs. And her parents couldn't be happier to have their bedroom back.

And look who's found that sleeping in the big girl bed isn't so bad after all?

We've now gone about one week in here and we're doing great! She still will ask to sleep in the "Lucy bed" every once in awhile but we're hoping the change is permanent. She did a few naps in here over the holidays and when I finally told her I was going to give this room to Lucy, she decided it wasn't so bad. Who knew? The first morning when I went to get her she was on the floor in the dark with her Pooh blanket and 3 books. I have no idea how long she'd been there, but ever since then we've done great.

Hooray for my big girls! Sigh...they grow too fast.

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