Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Future Pirate

Well, as if we didn't have enough drama around here...

...This one gets added to the mix! Here's our 11 year old baby one last time before surgery tomorrow.

This picture is proof that she is not feeling too swell right now. Poor thing has developed glaucoma and her eye lens has fallen behind her eye. Basically, she is blind in her left eye and it happened pretty much within the last 48 hours.

So this baby is off to the vet for the third time in 72 hours to have her left eye removed tomorrow. I'm feeling just a little guilty over all the blog posts where I have tried to pawn her off on friends, family and strangers. She really is a good dog, as dogs go. So sorry Tilly, that you're so miserable right now. We'll dress you like a pirate next Halloween and show you off, I promise! Sigh... It's tough no matter which member of the family is feeling blue!

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