Sunday, January 1, 2012

"The Project"

Aunt Lori brought Caroline an adorable Christmas gift today. Rick tackles the assembly...

And Lucy tried to help with the assembly while Rick checks the football scores.

As did Caroline. You can see that her Daddy is quite fond of this new project too! Especially when it keeps getting interrupted by one very anxious toddler.

And voila! We have the finished project done by 10:00p.m. We started around 3:30 today...and it's been quite the ordeal to say the least. It's absolutely adorable and Caroline is already having a ball with it. I won't share how many choice words were used in the completion of this lovely gem, but let's just say the Ikea furniture assembly was a piece of cake compared to this. Daddy is earning his stripes big time these days! Thanks, Aunt Lori! We owe you...BIG TIME!

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