Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Smith Christmas

It is a Happy New Year for the Smith's as we celebrate the holidays with family.

Lucy is all smiles for Grandpa Smith!

And Caroline enjoys all the extra attention, too!

She loves Brady so much - followed him everywhere and told him where to sit, what to do, what to play,and is still asking about him hours later! She had a blast with him.

A new piano was a hit! She's been dancing ever since!

And Lucy Bug scored herself a Ladybug pillow pet! Too cute!

And the Smith's take on a few rounds of Scrabble Slam - fun times!

As you can see, Brady is being a good sport about following all the directions he's been given today! It was a great time to visit with each other. We must do this more often. My girls just ate up all the attention and had a blast. Happy New Year, everyone! Looking forward to a great 2012!

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