Monday, January 4, 2010

Mommy went shopping!

Here's our sweetie in her new pink fleece from her cousin Leah. It's a 6 month size if that tells you how she's growing! Gosh, she's getting big! This is the perfect little outfit to cuddle up in on these cold winter days.
I have been trying to get out for weeks and get Caroline this green Bumbo seat. Totally overpriced, but too fun. She's such an alert baby and enjoys looking around that I wanted to test out this seat with her. So far, so goood! She looked pretty cute sitting upright in it tonight. She holds her head up really well and I thought it might be a nice alternative to the boppy pillow.
The only downside is she's used to kicking those legs. Her arms and legs are always in motion, and the bumbo seat really limits how much her legs can move, but she seemed to do fine. I'd say it's broken in- the first thing she did was fill her pants in this seat! Look for more photos of our girl sittting upright from here on out!

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