Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mommy's Girl

My mommy works at St. Brendan, and all I got was this lousy onesie!! (not!) Look at that full tummy!!
We had to add this post since we showed off Caroline in her NetJets gear a few weeks ago! It was time St. Brendan got some props too! Can you see the red tint to her hair? And those long eyelashes? Gosh she's getting so big and changing so much!
She's twelve weeks already- we go to the doc tomorrow so we'll have a weight and length update soon. Our little girl is definitely filling out! Tonight she even rolled over for me from her tummy to her back. We're working on getting her on a schedule so when I go back to work January 20th (sniff, sniff!) she'll hopefully be sleeping at night. She has some nights now where she makes it all night, and other nights where she cries a lot. Last night we started letting her cry it out. It was tough but she did well! Let's hope for more success tonight! We met with her sitter yesterday and all will be well- it's just tough to even think about. I'm holding on to the next two weeks and cherishing every moment! (and hoping for a few snow days AFTER January 20th!)

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