Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking over the house?

I had to laugh when I looked up to see my living room has been taken over by babyland! Rick and I were just relaxing on opposites sides of the room this week after I put Caroline to bed and I looked up and said- look at our house! It's funny how much they take over your lives! It's all good- we wouldn't have it any other way!
And who else takes over the house? This one! We've been to the vet more than we care to in the past 48 hours...3 trips, one overnight stay for Tilly, and after she'd been home about 10 minutes we promptly returned to get the 'cone'! She had a little ear surgery to drain her ear and promptly tried to paw at and shake off her dressing within minutes of being home. Blood droplets spattering on new carpet does not make for a fun evening! We called in the sitters, wrapped our bleeding mutt in a beach towel and returned to the vet to get the cone and her ear rewrapped. And again, the offer is there...anyone want a dog?? I actually feel sorry for the poor thing as she is pretty miserable and now running into walls and steps with her new cone head. I think she's earned herself a new toy after this little adventure! Ugh- not exactly how we had planned to spend our Friday night!

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  1. As we put it, your house is officially "plasticated"!